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FFXIV: ywina cbened - cerberus

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ME: 22 year old student. loudmouth. flirt. brat. submissive. dry humour. finds the worst jokes funny.

landscapes/sex/models/fashion/pretty things/bdsm/love/literature/pop culture/snk fandom/gaming/technology/spirituality/religion/music/seascapes/animals/nature/beauty/fitspo/films/fantasy/reading

My bucketlist.



set of nostalgia drawings by gabriel picolo. i donโ€™t think i have enough space on my tumblr for all his works that iโ€™d like to post.

these are incredible

(via lacquerhead)

Hands down the most amazing person in my life okcool. Super missing him when I woke up this morning. :(

He’s packing his bags to fly home this evening and i’m trying not to get upset because i’ll see him in a month when I go over there but i’ve had the best time and he makes me laugh so much it hurts my tummy. Totally a smitten kitten. From the moment he got here to whining at eachother about achy feet and eating crap all week and having a dance and a drink. Going to miss him so much TT^TT

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